Happy Mardi Gras, everyone!

(I had to find something positive to start with!!)

So, everyone said that 2021 had to be better than 2020. Not yet....

On top of our world's ongoing Covid issues, here we are with our Texas version of a "normal" day in Canada. Notice that the Texas version has no electricity......just like our office!

With no power at our office (note, no computer, no answering machine message, no heat. Oh, how we take these things for granted!), we are closed for the rest of this week (through February 18th). Hopefully, things will improve and we will be able to reopen Feb. 22nd.

Stay warm, stay safe. If anyone needs to, feel free to call Dr. Ohlenforst  on his cell at 214-502-1207.  

The office of Dr. Ohlenforst

  • The office of Dr. Ohlenforst - 3200 N. O’Connor Rd., Irving, TX 75062 Phone: (972) 257-3200 Fax: (972) 252-1324

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